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Je fietsprestaties verbeteren met het Cycling Food Plan

As a passionate cyclist, you do everything in your power to achieve a top performance after every race in your schedule. You like to challenge yourself, you pay attention to your physical health and you enjoy getting on your bike and letting the asphalt shoot through you. A big part of optimising your training schedule is the nutrition you consume. With the right fuel you will be able to get the most out of yourself and finish each race with a new personal record.

If you are looking for a new way to improve your nutrition plan, get inspired by the Cycling Food Planof EatMyRide. The application that you can install, serves as a guide for your diet. Before, during and after your races, you consume exactly the right amount of nutrients adapted to your body and your riding behaviour. Discover in this blog how the Cycling Food Plan is built up and what you need to do to get it on your phone.

The Cycling Food Plan personalized for you

Using the Cycling Food Plan you get insight in the rides you want to plan. With the information you enter about the distance you want to ride, the time you think you will need for that and whether you ride through a flat or hilly area, the app will tell you how much nutrients you need in preparation for your ride. But also during the race you will need to replenish your fuels to get the best result. And that’s not all, because your body has worked itself to the limit to set a new record. This means that your muscles need to recover. So the Cycling Food Plan is not complete without suggestions for a nutritious and tasty recovery meal.

And how does the app know how many carbohydrates your body needs for that particular race? Not only factors like time, distance and slope have an influence. Your body also plays a role in optimising your food burn. So when you install and log in to the application, you enter your data as accurately as possible. The more data you can enter, the more accurate the application can inform you about the required nutrition in your personalised Cycling Food Plan. Before you download the app, you need to know the following data:

–        Your body weight

–        Your height

–        The VO2Max. This is the maximum volume of oxygen gas you can move in a given unit of time. It is an indication of your physical condition.

–        The FTP, or Functional Threshold Power, is the highest average power you can sustain in an hour. If you exceed this power, you will feel it in the form of acidification of your muscles.

–        Your fat percentage

–        Your gender

With insight into this data, you can decide for yourself how to get the best results during your rides. And with the techniques of the application you will be personally assisted in composing the meals you eat before, during and after your race. The Cycling Food Plan, adjusted to your physical characteristics and routes, makes sure you take in and consume exactly the right amount of nutrients. 

How to plan your rides in the Cycling Food Plan?

The app is built like a calendar in which you plan the races you want to do. You can use the gps tracker that is placed in the app to indicate the exact route of your race. Or you can enter the distance and slope of your route, if you want to leave the gps tracker off. In addition to the distance, you can also enter the time you think you will need for your ride. Or the maximum time in which you want to set a new record. This way, you can fill your sports schedule in the app with rides you want to do in the coming week or month.

Once you have set up your schedule, it will automatically be supplemented with a suitable nutrition plan. The Cycling Food Plan gives you the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats you need to take in preparation for your training. And afterwards, the app will remind you again to take the right food to allow your muscles to recover. Even during the ride, the app can help you get exactly the right amount of nutrients, should the ride not go as you planned. A headwind or heavy rain could affect your performance. With your smartphone mounted on your handlebars, you can monitor your progress throughout the ride. The app, in turn, keeps an eye on whether you need to refuel with the necessary nutrients along the way. In this way, your cycling schedule is tuned in detail to your body and your riding behaviour.

How do I install the Cycling Food Plan app?

If you want to download the Cycling Food Plan app on your phone, just follow the steps below. In no time the app will be installed on your phone and you can fill in your own sports and nutrition schedule and get on your bike:

1.              Go to the App Store on your phone, where you can download applications. In the input bar, enter ‘Cycling Food Plan’. Of course, you can also find the link to the app on the EatMyRide platform.

2.              If you get a result in the App Store, you will find Cycling Food Plan with the logo of EatMyRide representing the app.

3.              Click on ‘download’ and wait for the app to be added to your phone.

4.              Open the app and follow the instructions that will help you to enter your personal details.

5.              Once you’ve entered everything, you’re ready to set up your sports schedule and start an effective race. But not before you have received the right amount of nutrients from the Cycling Food Plan to prepare for your ride. 

Using the Cycling Food Plan of EatMyRide

Are you ready to cycle on a tight schedule accompanied by a nutritious and effective diet? Install the Cycling Food Plan and have it at your fingertips as you prepare for your ride. Each race you will be able to take to a higher level, because from now on you will be feeding yourself with exactly the right amounts of nutrients. Not only will you create a personal Cycling Food Plan to challenge yourself and improve your sports performance. In the app you will find a lot of information about sports, nutrition and a healthy combination. So if you want to know how many carbohydrates for cycling, you can easily look it up in the app. Once you have downloaded the Cycling Food Plan, you won’t want to do anything else.