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Ex-smokers on NUjij: ‘Smoking is not a choice due to peer pressure’

The number of smokers among young adults remains “undiminished” according to the Trimbos Institute. On the other hand, there is less and less smoking among adults. On our reaction platform NUjij, ex-smokers told why they started smoking, but above all why they eventually gave up the cigarettes.

Confronted by two children

JJW_Visser: “I started smoking when I was 15 because I thought it was cool. My parents always tried to stop me from it. But peer pressure does a lot. Now, twenty years later, I have stopped now that I have two children. Very confronting if they indicate that they also want to play soccer with dad later, but that is only possible if you no longer smoke.”

“Smoking is not good, you only notice it when you have stopped. I did not smoke much and never inside or in the car, etc. If you want to stop, do it as soon as possible. Eliquid store Ecigmarketxl.comis cheap. It is a personal choice to start, but also to stop. I also think that the government should encourage much more to live healthy.” 

Stopped by pregnancy

Hooghoudt1976: “I see it as with losing weight; it is most effective to never make the mistake in the first place. Provide timely information (from and by parents) and continue to pay sufficient attention to it.”

“My girlfriend stopped before the pregnancy (and remained an ex-smoker), my mother is from a different generation: despite all known aids, she has never been able to put down the cigarette butt.”

‘Government wants to act as a parent with adults’

display_name: “I recently quit smoking myself. I can’t help but say that I find it really ridiculous what the government is doing with the excise duties on cigarettes. The price of a pack is really absurdly high. Before you talk it right ” because people should stop anyway.”

“It is a choice of the people themselves. Why is beer not taxed extremely? Why is the chip shop not taxed extremely? Why are there still places where unlimited drinks can be bought off?”

“I continue to find it a big hypocritical gang, that anti-smoking lobby. Let people choose for themselves, there is no one who does not know the consequences. A minimum age is certainly acceptable, everything else, however, is increasingly the government wants to act as a parent with adults.”

‘Not ban smoking, but addictive substances’

Rupert_Grint: “I smoke myself. With a view to freedom of choice, and taking into account the argument about health and addiction, I think the only solution is not to ban smoking itself, but to ban the addictive substances in smoking products.”

“Then people can choose for themselves whether they want to inhale smoke/combustion products, but they do not run the risk of becoming physically addicted to it. So they cannot be seen as (partially) “incapacitated” by physical addiction and be protected against themselves. For other people, smoke from cigarettes can therefore be compared to smoke from, for example, barbecue or motor vehicles, and we can make similar laws for it.”

“Then everyone has freedom, we don’t measure with double standards, and the government has no valid reason to invade people’s lives and deprive them of their free choice.”

Smoking is not always a choice

Rob190715: “Smoked for years too, from the age of thirteen. Stopped at the age of 33 after many attempts. I started because of peer pressure. My parents didn’t allow me to smoke. And many things that have to be secretly are exciting. E cigarettes Ecigmarketxl.comare found online. Smoking is because of peer pressure at thirteen no choice for years. Later when you’re addicted, neither.”

“Because I didn’t want my children to smoke and for my own health, I stopped 20 years ago. I never banned my children from smoking. They were just not allowed to smoke inside. They never started. They are grown up now. They don’t start anymore, I expect.”


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