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Equipment that Every Beginner Music Producer Needs

You have a passion for a genre of music and want to start producing your own tracks. Where do you start and what do you need for that? As a beginner, you don’t need the best hardware and software for your first tracks. It’s all about your creativity and originality of the tracks. Start experimenting and gaining experience first before buying the best hardware and software. Every person has their own preferences when it comes to hardware and software, but these components make producing music a lot easier!


A good laptop

Where you used to need big expensive studios to produce music, nowadays everything starts from the computer or laptop. Laptops today are equipped with good hardware and can handle large files. This has been one of the success factors of electronic music. 


Producer software

To produce music you need not only a good laptop but also the right software. There are plenty of options, choose a software that suits your needs and ambitions.


Studio headphones

How do you know what you have produced and whether it really sounds good? The quality of sound is very important. Therefore, choose a studio headphone or a studio monitor.


Vocal Samples

Samples can be seen as a very useful tool for producing your music. A sample is a recorded sound that has been reused in another sound recording. A sample can be any type of sound, for example a drum solo, an instrument or a beat. Many producers use a few samples and combine them into a track. For example, think of a vocal sample pack that contains several vocals for perfecting your new track. You can also think of elements of well-known songs. The question is, however, whether you can use these legally. Pay attention to which samples you can use for your music and which samples you cannot. Another popular used sample genre is a moombathon sample. All the big artist started small, so what are you waiting for?


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