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Best places to live in The Netherlands

When you think of the Netherlands, the first thing which comes to mind may be cheesewindmillstullipswooden shoes and Amsterdam. Of course, all these things are part of the Dutch culture. But did you know the Netherlands is also one of the best countries in the world to live? This is because it’s one of the few countries where there are positive economic developments all over the country. It’s also the country in which the houses are relatively affordable, health care is well organized and many residents even speak English. This makes the Netherlands particularly attractive to immigrants. In this blog we discuss the best places to live in this wonderful tiny country.  

1. Amsterdam 

Amsterdam is the most well known place in the Netherlands. This is not surprising since this city appears in countless movies, books and even series. In addition, this city is also very popular among tourists, because they van purchase weed legally here and make a visit to the world-famous red-light district. Despite all this, Amsterdam is a very nice and expensive place to live. For example, you can easily find work, there are a lot of foreign students and there are many nice shops and restaurants. What else do you need? 

2. Rotterdam 

If you don’t like a super crowded city like Amsterdam then Rotterdam is the perfect place for you. This city is the second largest in the Netherlands and is therefore a little bit more affordable than Amsterdam. Even though it is smaller, you can still easily find work here. Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe, so there is a lot of work to be found in exports. Moreover, Rotterdam has all the amenities you need to live comfortably. You can think of several good schools, a lot of supermarkets and a hectic shopping center. Interested to live in Rotterdam? Then don’t forget to take a look at the real estate in Rotterdam 

3. Groningen 

This city is one of the smallest in the Netherlands, but has grown enormously in recent years due to its popularity with students and young families. This makes it very difficult to find work in Groningen. If you manage to find work, you will experience one of the nicest cities to live in. For example, the nightlife here is open indefinitely, there are many trendy shops and restaurants and you can easily go everywhere by bike. When you’ve lived in Groningen, you definitely don’t want to leave anymore. This city is very unique and is therefore described as a young city with a typical village feel.  

4. Den Haag 

The last city where it is best to live in the Netherlands is The Hague. Also known as Den Haag. This city is very well known, because the Dutch politics is based in The Hague. When you come to live here, you should not be surprised to see the Prime Minister going to work on his bicycle. In addition, The Hague is very centrally located, so you can be in Amsterdam and Rotterdam within a few minutes. Start realizing your dream and look at the real estate in Den Haag!