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11 Shrub Varieties for a Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Garden

The maintenance and upkeep of a shrub garden is minimal, which makes it an excellent choice for homeowners with little time to invest in their yard. The shrub garden also has the added benefit of providing privacy, screening unsightly views or unwanted neighbors, and reducing noise. If you’re thinking about adding a shrub garden to your landscape, here are 11 varieties that will give your yard an elegant new look. Read on to learn more about each type and how they can be best incorporated into your own shrub garden design.


Horseshoe Vines

Horseshoe vines are one of the most popular shrubs for gardens because they grow in a large arching pattern. Horseshoe vines also come in a variety of colors and textures, so you can find the perfect horseshoe vine for your garden. The best time to plant a horseshoe vine is late fall when soil is moist but not too wet. The horseshoe vine will thrive in any type of light and can even be planted along fences or walls for an instant privacy screen. These vines can grow up to 20 feet in height, width, and length, depending on whether it is planted as a single trunk or grafted with other plants. If you want to keep your horseshoe vine trimmed low, plant it in the ground or against a wall where it will receive little light and constantly be shaded by something else nearby.


Japanese Maples

Japanese maples are one of the most popular types of ornamental shrubs in North America. This breed will grow to about 20 feet tall, but they can be trimmed to maintain a smaller size. They have brilliant fall colors and a wide variety of shapes and leaf textures. They thrive in dry soil and enjoy full sun exposure. Japanese Maples are one of the most popular types of ornamental shrubs in North America because they offer so many benefits for your yard. They grow to about 20 feet tall, but can be trimmed at any time to maintain a smaller size, which makes them perfect for people with limited space or who want something that’s easy to maintain. Japanese maples have brilliant fall colors and come in a wide variety of shapes and leaf textures—making them perfect for any garden design! These shrubs thrive in dry soil and enjoy full sun exposure.


Rose of Sharon Shrubs

Rose of Sharon shrubs are popular for their showy, white flowers that bloom in the late summer. Rose of Sharon flowers can be pink or purple, but white is more common. These shrubs grow quickly and are easy to maintain. Rose of Sharon shrubs make an excellent choice for a border plant because they grow well in cold climates and have a high tolerance to drought.


Variegated Leafed Shrubs

Variegated leafed shrubs are a great choice for any type of landscape. They can be used as a buffer between your home and an unsightly neighbor’s property, or to screen off visibility from the street. The variegated leafed variety will give your garden an elegant look with its varied light and dark green hues. Plus, it tends to grow much faster than other types of shrubs and produces more flowers. The following is a list of variegated leafed shrubs:



Bougainvilleas are a popular choice for homeowners, as they come in a wide array of colors and can be grown as both a shrub or vine. They can grow up to 20-30 feet tall with a 15-foot spread and produce beautiful flowers from July to October. The flowers are followed by stunning, bright purple bracts that persist into winter. These plants thrive in warm climates with high humidity but will still grow well in zones 7-11. They’re moderately drought tolerant and do best when watered deeply once a week or every few days if it doesn’t rain. Bougainvilleas are also very easy to propagate by rooting stem cuttings taken in late summer or early fall.



These plants are a popular choice for the tropical garden due to their lush, long foliage and brightly colored flowers. They grow in zones 10 and 11 and can reach heights of up to 15 feet. Heliconias are also known as “roses of the tropics” because their large leaves make them look like roses.



Cordylines are a type of evergreen shrub that produces white, blue, or pink flowers in the spring. Cordylines are often used as screening plants because they grow densely and their leaves come to an abrupt point at the tips. The bamboo-like, stiff branches on cordylines make them perfect for shaping into hedges.


Concluding Words

I hope this post has been helpful in teaching you about shrubs and has given you some new ideas on how to use them in your landscaping. If you’re considering adding a shrub garden to your landscape, we’ve included 11 varieties that will give your yard an elegant new look. Happy gardening!

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